Augustin Delloye | One Last Negroni
24.01.2019 - 08.03.2019 /

Your tongue is acid and fuzz
(As you walk)
Your tongue is the swirl in happy sick Your tongue is lapping up the salted back Your tongue is against susurrated fingers
This is a minor key change Everything is different here: We’re
Given to curves
Given to sunlight through eyelids We’re
Given to dusk birds
Given to furcated openings We’re
Given to negative space
This is a Lambertian Surface A simple equation (Surfacing)
A resolution of ambiguity (Surfacing)
An absorption of light and space (Surfacing)
A hot earth blondening teeth and hair (Surfacing)
Metallic and charcoal
Where it was once filemot Everything around you is now red The red sunlight through eyelids The red of your saltened back The red of furcated openings
The red of negative space
The red of your buzzing fingers
The world is imagined as Your tongue in acid and fuzz
By Bitsy Knox

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