John Margaritis
05.12.2018 - 09.12.2018 /


John Margaritis spent his youth working in his father’s cabinet shop, while devoting the rest of his time to all things basketball.
Watching his father’s craft instilled in him the value of working with one’s hands.
From a young age, Margaritis was intrigued by the way things were made. He thought about the projects in his father’s shop and envisioned how they could be done in different ways. With no intention of becoming a cabinetmaker, he absorbed the craft and now reinterprets it through a contemporary lens.
While his lifetime love of basketball often takes center stage, his long youthful days in the cabinet shop and his fundamental curiosity give his work its cohesiveness.
BROKEN TIME is the balance of these experiences – the ones that have passed and the ones that are yet to come. It’s a reflection on his childhood and a projection of Margaritis’ vision today.

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